Face the music

Face the music

To confront or deal with unpleasant consequences of one's actions

The term 'face the music' is used when someone has to confront the unpleasant consequences of their actions, especially when they have made a mistake or a bad decision. It refers to accepting responsibility for one's actions, not avoiding or running away from the repercussions, instead, tackling them head-on. The idiom suggests a scenario where one is left with no choice but to handle the situation as it is and accept all the consequences, good or bad, that may follow. This phrase is often used in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal.

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John knew he couldn't hide his poor grades from his parents forever. It was time to face the music and reveal his report card.

When the company incurred losses due to poor management decisions, the CEO had to face the music and address the angry stakeholders.

After years of neglecting her health and eating unhealthy foods, Sarah had to face the music when she was diagnosed with diabetes.

Tom had been avoiding his creditors for months, but when they threatened legal action, he knew he had to face the music.

As an English teacher, if you've not prepared for class, you'll have to face the music when your students ask questions you can't answer.

The politician had to face the music when his corrupt practices were exposed to the public.

After years of reckless driving, Mike had to face the music when his license was suspended for a year.

When the football team lost the championship due to poor performance, the coach had to face the music and answer to the team's fans.

If you cheat on a test and get caught, you'll have to face the music and accept the punishment.

The chef had to face the music when the food critic gave his restaurant a poor review.

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