Fit as a fiddle

Fit as a fiddle

In excellent physical condition and health.

The phrase 'fit as a fiddle' is commonly used to describe someone who is in exceptional physical condition and health. The origin of the idiom is somewhat debated, but it's often linked to the idea that a fiddle, or violin, must be in perfect condition to produce a good sound, implying that someone 'fit as a fiddle' is similarly in optimal health. Over time, this expression has come to encompass not just physical health but also a person's overall well-being, suggesting that they are functioning at their best, much like a well-tuned instrument.

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After her month-long yoga retreat, Maria came back looking fit as a fiddle, glowing with health and vitality.

Despite his advancing age, Mr. Thompson is fit as a fiddle, often outpacing much younger hikers on the trail.

Following her surgery, Linda worked hard with her physiotherapist and was soon fit as a fiddle, moving as if nothing had ever happened.

The secret to Grandpa's longevity, he claims, is staying fit as a fiddle by keeping active and eating well.

Even after a long day at work, Sarah still has the energy to play with her kids, truly fit as a fiddle.

Before the boxing match, the fighter boasted he was fit as a fiddle, ready to take on his opponent without breaking a sweat.

The annual health check-up showed that, much to his delight, John was fit as a fiddle, with no medical issues to worry about.

To stay fit as a fiddle, Jasmine incorporates both mental and physical exercises into her daily routine, balancing yoga with puzzles and brain games.

The veterinarian assured us that, after her treatment, our dog Bella was fit as a fiddle and could resume her regular walks and playtime.

At the family reunion, everyone remarked on how Aunt May, well into her 70s, seemed fit as a fiddle, dancing and laughing throughout the night.

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