On cloud nine

On cloud nine

Being extremely happy or euphoric, often due to positive emotions or experiences.

The idiom 'on cloud nine' is typically used in English to refer to a state of extreme happiness or euphoria. This could be the result of any positive experience or emotion, such as achieving a long-held goal, receiving good news, being in love, or having a rewarding experience. The phrase has its origins in cloud classifications, in which 'cloud nine' refers to the 'cumulonimbus' type, which is the tallest of all clouds and therefore closest to heaven. The use of this idiom suggests that the individual's happiness is so extreme that it is as if they are floating up to the lofty heights of cloud nine. It is a very expressive and effective way to communicate a state of sublime joy and contentment.

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When he found out he had been accepted into his dream university, he was on cloud nine. He had worked so hard for this moment, studying late into the nights and sacrificing his weekends to prepare for exams. Now, all of his hard work was finally paying off and he couldn't contain his happiness.

Her heart soared and she felt like she was on cloud nine when he proposed to her. It was a moment she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, and now it was happening. The ring was beautiful, but what made her happiest was the thought of spending the rest of her life with the man she loved.

After years of struggling to make ends meet, when he finally landed a well-paying job, he was on cloud nine. The stress of financial insecurity had been weighing on him for so long that the relief of a stable income brought him immense joy.

When she held her newborn baby in her arms for the first time, she was on cloud nine. The months of pregnancy had been difficult, but the moment she saw her child's face, all the pain and discomfort were forgotten.

On the day of their graduation, they were all on cloud nine. They had faced so many challenges together, but they had made it. The pride and happiness they felt as they received their diplomas was indescribable.

He was on cloud nine when his first book was published. It was a dream come true for him, something he had been working towards for years. Seeing his name on the cover filled him with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and joy.

When she crossed the finish line of her first marathon, she was on cloud nine. She had trained so hard and pushed her body to the limits, but she had done it. The sense of achievement was incredible.

On their wedding day, they were both on cloud nine. The love and happiness they felt as they said their vows was something they would remember for the rest of their lives.

When she finally received the news that she was cancer-free, she was on cloud nine. It was the best news she could have hoped for, and it was a moment of pure joy and relief after a long and difficult journey.

When he saw his daughter walking down the aisle on her wedding day, he was on cloud nine. He was so proud of the woman she had become and so happy to see her marrying the man she loved.

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