Out of pocket

Out of pocket

Refers to spending personal funds, usually for work-related expenses not covered by the employer.

The idiom 'Out of pocket' is commonly used to describe situations where an individual has had to use their own money to pay for something, particularly in contexts where the expenses should have ideally been borne by another party, such as their employer or a company. This can occur in various scenarios, including but not limited to work-related expenses, unexpected costs during travel for business, or when immediate payment is necessary and the individual has no option but to cover the cost themselves. While primarily associated with work or business, the phrase can also apply more generally to any instance where someone finds themselves paying out of their own pocket for something they hadn't anticipated.

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After forgetting my company credit card, I was out of pocket for the client dinner and had to wait for reimbursement.

The conference in Las Vegas left me significantly out of pocket after I booked the hotel and flights on my personal card.

I didn't anticipate being out of pocket for the office supplies, but the reimbursement process took longer than expected.

Being out of pocket for the team lunch wasn't ideal, but I knew the company would cover the expenses eventually.

The repair costs for the company car ended up coming out of my pocket, at least until the expense report was approved.

Traveling for work usually means I'm temporarily out of pocket until the finance department processes my claims.

I was out of pocket after covering the cost of the client's project materials, anxiously waiting for the next payroll to recoup it.

Purchasing a new projector for the office presentation left me out of pocket, though I was assured of a quick reimbursement.

The unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for the trade show added stress, but were necessary for the business's presentation.

Being out of pocket for emergency repairs during the business trip was inconvenient, yet the company assured me of a swift reimbursement.

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