Pitch in

Pitch in

To contribute or join in.

The phrase 'Pitch in' is an English idiom which has its origins possibly related to farm work, where 'pitch' could refer to the act of using a pitchfork. However, in modern times, it has a more figurative meaning and does not relate to any physical labor or activity. It is instead commonly used to indicate the act of contributing to something or joining in, usually in the context of a group effort or a collective task. It can refer to contributing with physical help, monetary help, or any other form of assistance.

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When we decided to organize a surprise party for our friend, everyone pitched in. Some took care of the food, some decorated the venue and others arranged for the music and games. It was a collective effort where everyone contributed in their own way.

In times of crisis, it is important for communities to pitch in and help each other. Whether it's by providing financial support, volunteering time, or offering resources, every little bit helps.

The local school was hosting a charity event, and the entire neighborhood decided to pitch in. Some baked cakes and cookies to sell, others donated books and toys, and many volunteered their time to help with the arrangements.

When the company was facing financial difficulties, the employees decided to pitch in by accepting lower salaries for a few months. Their collective sacrifice helped the company to recover from the crisis.

During the holiday season, many people pitch in to help those less fortunate. They donate to food banks, volunteer at homeless shelters, and contribute to charity drives.

When a teammate falls behind in their work, it's up to the rest of the team to pitch in and help them catch up. This kind of teamwork and support is what makes a successful team.

Our community garden thrives because everyone pitches in. Some people water the plants, others weed the beds, and some contribute by bringing in compost or seeds.

The church needed renovations, so everyone in the congregation decided to pitch in. Some donated money, others offered their skills and labor, and many provided meals for the workers.

When their friend lost everything in a fire, the community pitched in to help. They provided clothes, furniture, and money to help him get back on his feet.

Our school's parent-teacher association is very active because all the parents pitch in. They help with fundraising, organizing events, and supporting students in their academic and extracurricular activities.

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